Places To Look To Grow Your Downlines!

Who are the best people and where are the best places to find people to join your Networking business?

Network Marketing success is normally at its best when you maximize the people in your network plan which means you earn income off the work of others. As such to be successful you will need to grow a team of people, partners or what is often referred to as a down line.

Although general advertising can be effective, experience shows that there are certain types of people who are either more interested in your business proposal. Who are these people and why should you target them?

Other Network Marketing People

One of the first places you should look at is people who are already in some form of network marketing program. The reason is clear – you don’t have to go over false concept of pyramid marketing or other network marketing falsehoods told by people who don’t understand laws of rewarding hard work and the benefits of network marketing.
People who are already in network marketing can with the right product just transfer it straight to their already existing network. Less training is needed. Because these people are already in network marketing and used to the concepts and practices. Additionally they already have an well-established downline to market to, which makes it easy and straight forward.

Social Media

Another place to look is the social media, which is the Big deal in recent years. Marketing to people on social media is easy and doesn’t take much of your time.

List Builders

These people already have a list of people normally in the thousands with which they can market a network marketing program to. In fact if you are a list builder and you don’t have your own network marketing program with recurring income that you are also marketing to your list you are missing out on an easy second income.

Young Adults

As you know the older you get the harder it is to make friends. We become thoughtful and less trusting. Teenagers are natural network marketers. They love the latest tech gadget and naturally ‘market’ to one another all the time – peer pressure and other similar factors mean that if a young person has something that’s popular then you can expect the others in the network to be into their parents wallets demanding to be part of the latest cool thing. Things around these days are mainly marketed and gain huge popularity by WORD OF MOUTH. Word of mouth is still THE most powerful marketing in the world – therefore Network marketing seeks to tap into this concept.
Young people are also looking at ways to earn extra income without too much labor – with study, and parties taking most of their time – working at a low rate of pay is not the most appealing way to earn money. How much easier to earn money while out at parties and socializing with friends.


People who are frustrated with their life or job are the final group of people you should target. Often these people are looking for something different and at least the promise of escaping the hardship. They will normally be willing to devote their spare time to achieving these goals.
If you start with these five groups you may find your network marketing program having more productive results.

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