Payment Method On 500naira Earners

500naira earners had a flexible payment method. You earn as soon as you refer people to the network. Upon one-time payment of 500 naira, your account would be activated and be able to log in into your account dashboard.

On your account dashboard, this is a link that can be used in promoting your account. it can be posted on social media/networks such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.

Once a person clicked on your link, the person would be directed to the registration page using your username as sponsor. This person would be your direct downline. After the person have successfully registered, it would immediately reflect on your dashboard that you have a new downline. If the person have not paid/activate his/her account a red box would appear in front of the person name. But if it has been activated, it would show a green box

No payment would be made if the person have not activate its account, but if the person have paid the payment would reflect immediately on the payment bar.

You would be able to withdraw you earnings when you have a minimum balance of #1000 on your dashboard. When you have up to #1000 on your account the withdrawer  button would reflect on your dashboard


  1. I really love this concept and want to register, however my question is concerning the downline..after introducing 5 people in my level one and they register through my link and I earn 20 percent after I advance to level 2 …if I keep introducing more people after the initial 5 people to register and activate their account through my link, will I continue earning more 20 percent commission via the people I keep on introducing or will I have to completely depend on my downlines in level 2 and the levels beyond in other 2 earn more commissions. tnx

      1. I’m I am new here I just want to know much about the important of this downline if they are not active in inviting people and I am inviting people everyday will I get to the next level with that

  2. Instead of giving out my link, can i jus ask the people i’m inviting to register from the site and use my username as the sponsor? ……… would it make them automatically my downline?

  3. Hello, pls i have registered 500naira and i have understood many things about this concept but something is not clear to me,please help me out. It is i have a downline who registered with my username as sponsorer, and if my downline wants to register his own downline and uses his username as the sponsorer do i have any percentage there?

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