Explaining 500naira Earners in a Snap – A way to make money Online in Nigeria


Making it Possible


500naira Earners is Powered by Monetworks International Services, The Company render every type of Internet Services and also Trainings on creating wealth using the Internet.

500naira Earners is a simple and affordable Network Marketing system with lot of Uniqueness, for the first time ever, anyone in Nigeria can make money using the Power of leverage, the idea of 500naira Earners create endless possibilities with Only N500, anyone can build great income.

How It works;

500naira Earners sells Self-Help and Self-Improvement digital Product for Only N500, when one buy this product, he is entitle to promote the product and earn commission to Level 9. And that earn you Millions  naira.

Imagine this for a moment, there are over 170 million people in Nigeria, what if each of them dash you 1naira today, You’ll definitely become a millionaire.  And it is possible you make as much as this with 500naira earners. It all works using the Power of Teamwork and Leverage.

Immediately you Join 500naira earners and buy the success system self help books for N500, You are given your own dashboard and your own website link, called ‘Refferer link’ You are required to Introduce 500naira earners to atleast 5 of your friends and family and once anyone join you directly you will instantly earn 20% of his purchase. Anyone that join you directly using your link to register are added on your level 1. And anyone that join the people that are directly under you are added to your level 2.

  • When you bring 5 people on your level 1, you earn N500.
  • When the 5 people you bring, brings their own 5 each, you earn N1,250, that’s your level 2
  • When the people in level 2 brings their own 5, you earn N6,250. That’s your level 3
  • When the people in level 3 brings their own 5, you earn N31,250. That’s your level 4
  • When the people in level 4 brings their own 5 , you earn N156,250. That’s your level 5
  • When the people in level 5 brings their own 5 , you earn N781,250. That’s your level 6
  • When the people in level 6 brings their own 5 , you earn N3,906,250. That’s your level 7.
  • When the people in level 7 brings their own 5 , you earn N19,531,250. That’s your level 8
  • When the people in level 8 brings their own 5 , you earn N97,656,250. That’s your level 9

You have completed all The Compensation Level on 500naira Earners and now you can start again from the beginning. The good news is, you don’t have to look for another people under you. You only need to repurchase the Success system and as everyone under you repurchase, you clear the whole level again.

Lot of wealthy people becomes wealthy because of the Power of leverage. Right now, no matter how poor you are you will have salt in your kitchen, Imagine if everyone consume 1naira worth of salt daily.  The richest man in Africa produces salt and is wealth will keep flourishing because of the numbers of people he already leveraged on.


Your salary doesn’t make you wealthy, stagnant bunch of 10 million naira doesn’t make you wealthy. What brings wealth is unstoppable cash flow and power of leverage, It is dramatic  how just a constant drop of water can create flood. That is how a 20% and 10% of N500 can make you millions of Naira Only with 500naira Earners

500NAIRA EARNERS, comes with great benefit, Nothing to loose, You are buying our digital Books called SUCCESS SYSTEM, Inside this success system there are 4 books namely;


You are buying all these for N500 and you also have access to earn commission with our great compensation plan that pays from Level 1. To Level 9.

If you can buy our success systems and you can tell 5 people and they do same. You can enter LEVEL 9 in one year.

On 500naira Earners our Slogan remain  ‘Making it is Possible’

Anyone can join 500naira earners, we have a form, that people can use to register, the form is available on your account dashboard when you become a member.

As you are reading this, there are thousands of active members on 500naira earners and we are adding hundreds of New members everyday. Join the 1# Nigeria simple and Affordable Networking Business with only N500.

The reason why anyone can be successful with 500naira earners is because of the flexibility and small fee attached to it. Only N500 and you are on your way to earnings millions.  Join us now on www.500naira.com


For further Enquiry, visit our Osogbo Office at;  Old Ikirun road, Koju foam Junction, Alowolodu complex. Monetworks. Osogbo.

Or call;

JOHN: 08063138477 , NIFE: 07034494812, DAPO: 09072954008, Tomiwa: 08151250777, SAM: 07068888595


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