500naira Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is this site all about?
Answer: 500naira Earners is an online networking platform. You have to register and activate your account with a payment of N500 only. After payment you are expected to sponsor at least 5 people to build your network.

Question: What is the minimum withdrawal?
Answer: The minimum withdrawal is N1,000. Whenever you have up to N1,000 you will be able to click on the withdrawal link.

Question: How do I make payment for activating my account?
Answer: You can make payment immediately after registering using you ATM card or making a bank deposit of N500 into our UBA Agent account. Likewise you can use other payment method such as ATM transfer, Mobile transfer or using Diamond Yello Account.

Question: Is this business legitimate?
Answer: Yes. 500naira Earners is legitimately registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affair Commission (C.A.C.).

Question: After registering are we selling any product?
Answer: No. We don’t sell any product.

Question: How can I register people under me?
Answer: You can either register people manually by putting your username as the sponsor when registering or use your link in registering people.

Question: How many people can I refer into the network?
Answer: You can refer as many as possible. No matter the number of people that you register you earn on each and everyone of them.

Question: Am not referred by anyone what should I do?
Answer: In the space for sponsor type 500naira.

Question: When was 500naira launched?
Answer: 500naira Earners was launched in 2011

Question: Where are you located in Nigeria?
Answer: Currently, we are having office in Osogbo, Osun State.

Question: What is the payment/withdrawal method?
Answer: Your earnings would be paid directly into your Bank Account whenever you click on the withdrawal button within 1-24 hours.

Question: What is the difference between the 500naira earners and 500naira partners?
Answer: The 500naira earners is one time payment of N500. It is a 5*9 matrix i.e you are required to bring at least 5 people and you earn from level 1 to 5. You earn 20% commission on your direct referral and 10% commission from your level 2 to 9. 500naira partner requires a monthly payment of N500. You earn only on your direct referrals. As long as you and you downlines are paying your monthly payment of N500 you continue earning N300 monthly.

Question: Is there any form of support for users after registering?
Answer: Yes. We provide support to our users such as providing them with our 500naira success system that helps about getting more downlines, password recovery and lot more.

Question: Can you help me to get downlines?
Answer: Yes. Our users that are having problems with getting downlines can buy the Done For Me(DFM) package. We help them get 15 activated downlines. The package cost N 5,000.

Question: If I buy the Done For Me package would I still earn on them?
Answer: Absolutely. You will earn on them. You will earn the 20% commission on them which gives you N1,500 earnings.

Question: How long does it take to get downlines when I register for the Done For Me package?
Answer: It takes 15-30 days to completely get you your downlines

Question: Can someone who is not a Nigerian participate?
Answer: Currently, non-Nigerians are not allowed but those that are in neighboring W/African countries that have Nigerian bank account or some one close to them can register.

Question: How do I register?
Answer: Click here


  1. Ive been trying to activate my account since last week but its difficult for me when I reach where to fill my Token details cos its been a while that ive operate it so HoW can you help me using another simple method

  2. When I first join the 500naira earners, I just do it to test, the world of the person that introduced it to me. She said, she has receive money from it. So i signed in then I build my networth to get to that N1000 Just under a week, when I saw that I can now withdraw to Bank, I click the withdrawal botton, that was on September 8, 2016 in the night, then on September 9th, I receive the Alert that I have been Credited with N1000. I went to Check my back office I saw that another money have come to my back office E-wallet N150 one of my down line have activated some account. You now the beauty of this site is that you will be seing evrything going on in your biz. So if you are reading this and you are yet in this platform, I want to tell you that THIS is real!
    Have confirmed it

    Click here to register now http://www.500naira.com/member/signup.php?aff=Abolarinwa41

    add me on WhatsApp for more enquiries and evidence of payments

  3. please I dont have any sponsor.I enter the net by my self.at the place to fill in sponsor,it was written that if I don’t have any,I should put 500naira.but when I put it the system will tell me that the name of the sponsor is not seen.please can u help me out.

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