500naira Earners Success System – How To Make Money With 500naira Earners

How To Get Paid Every Day Of Your Life
With N500 Startup Capital

The quest for making wealth online in Nigeria gave birth to a system called 500naira Earners Network. It is amazing how a simple business plan can earn millions using the power of leverage, leveraging on thousands of people and teaming up as a people helping people business that earn every active members millions of naira.


But how does leverage work?

If you know the impact of 1naira deposited to your Bank Account from each Nigerian every day you will surely think of possibilities to make wealth the easy way.

500naira earner is here to stay and creating great opportunities in Nigeria with a simple business plan for everyone.


500aira earners already build up goodwill online since 2011, with great testimonies all over the web and real live case studies, people who have tried all possible means to make money have now discovered a guarantee means called “500naira Earners”


Poverty is really provoking; we all know that, and you can be your own boss by making money online. A business already on top of Google as Nigerian Surest Business is not a joke.


How 500naira Earners Works

Everyone is committed to become a partner with N500 activation fee and to introduce the business to at least 5 people. 500naira earners commission plan is on a matrix of 5 X 9 the width is flexible since you can have more than 5 direct referrer and still get paid to the 9th level. So when you introduce this business to 5 people, they should register with your link and also start their own network by bringing 5 people.


Upon becoming a member of 500naira earners you also have access download lot of E-books on How to Start Your Own Business, You will have access to many Internet Business eBooks which you can download Free as part of your membership benefits.

You will also have access to a course like this one you are reading that will help you earn money faster with 500naira earners and also help you reach great level in short time.


Please NOTE:

When you register to 500naira earners you will need to activate your account with N500

After your account is activated you can login to the member’s area and update your Payment information, currently 500naira earners pays earnings through BANK DEPOSIT or Online BANK Transfer, and support all Nigeria Banks

After updating your bank account it is time to start promoting your link.

On the members Dashboard you will see your Invite Link, that link ends with your username, Copy the Link and start promoting. You can also click on marketing tools on the dashboard to see lot of text links and promotional contents.



Start from your family

Tell your friends

Tell your colleagues at work

Write about it on social network

Write about it on Discussion forums


Advanced Way To Promote

  • Organize seminars in your area, teach them another thing for free then introduce 500naira earners to them.

How to do this;

  • You can teach them let’s say a creative thing then tell them to Join 500naira earners under your link if they want to attend. (as a training fee)
  • Create Handbills and distribute it around you
  • Do publications in church or mosque activities


Bottom Line

Be creative and be fully committed


Shortening Your 500naira Earners Link  

If your link is too long, you can short it using the service below





How To Get Paid

500naira earners have a minimum withdrawal of N1000, So anytime you have N1000 above in your account balance you can withdraw your earnings and get paid to your bank account same day.


Following Up Your Down lines

Lot of people fail in Network Marketing because they cannot follow up down lines, as a member of 500naira earners, you should follow up your down lines and make them active.


How to follow Up

You can follow up your down lines through their Contact

Using Phone number, you can call or text them.

Sending Messages to downlines

On the Dashboard, Click on My Downline link, you will see their phone number

Send them text messages or call them once in a while, it is better to get in touch with them earlier that is why you should login to your account time to time to see new registered downlines and get in touch as soon as possible.


Sending Bulk Sms

Sms is good and bulk sms gives you a customized way of sending short messages with a custom sender id. You can use this website (www.buysms.top) to send bulk customize sms to your downlines.


You can also use your phone to send those sms, but Bulk sms works better and save cost.


Calling Your Downlines

You can speak to your downlines on phone and remind them they need to activate their account, also call your already activated downlines and remind them they need to be active in other to make more money online. By doing this you will build up your network faster and increase your income.



Promoting 500naira Earners

We’ve talked about Promotion earlier but on this chapter, I want to stress more on promotion and the exact way to do it for profit.


Facebook Promotion: With Millions of Facebook users and thousands of new users joining daily, Facebook is no doubt a very good traffic source. But you need to do correctly if you want real good result.


How To Reach Millions Of People Free on Facebook

The secret to reach millions of people on Facebook is to have many friends, Facebook allows you to have 5000 friends, so try and add let’s say 50 new friends daily and also post to your friends timeline. Don’t focus on posting to your wall only, Post to your friend’s timeline too.


How to Post to Friends Timeline

Click on the name of your Facebook friends, click on Timeline, and then submit a post. Your post should be short, sweet with images.


See the Image illustration below


Click on the name of your Facebook friends, it will open his/her profile (Ladies profile works better though 🙂 )


Click on that Timeline



In that box for Write something, write your promotional articles there including your links. Please add catchy photos. You can go to google.com type “Naira image” and pick a catchy naira image, upload and click POST.




See that Image above, that is an example. Write your Marketing articles with your referrer link, Upload a catchy picture, and then click on POST. Immediately you do that your advert will be visible to all the friends of that user. Now let’s say that your Facebook friends is having just 1000 friends, that means 1000 people is likely to see you ads.


Now Be smart!, If you have 5000 friends and each is having 1000 friends, if you can post to their timeline, that means 5000 x 1000 people will see your ads, Let’s do some math. 5000 x 1000 is around 5,000,000. Wow J This is an advanced way to promote your 500naira earners link and if you start today you will be on way to make Millions of naira with 500naira earners.




You need less than 30 minutes daily for your Facebook promotion.

Start now and make things happen!!!!!!






Have you heard of Whatsapp? If not you are probably not in this planet, Whatsapp is a cross platform mobile app, that help you connect with your contacts in real time, in fact Whatsapp is now replacing our old way of sending text message, since you can easily send messages to your contacts and get delivery report.



Are you familiar with that image above? You should! That explain how delivery reports looks like in Whatsapp messenger, so what I am saying is Whatsapp gives real time reports of any message you send.


You can harness the power of Whatsapp to promote your 500naira earners link using Whatsapp VOICE!


So what do I term Whatsapp voice: It is a way of sending voice message to your friends instead of sending text messages.


Why Voice message:

Our brain works very well when something trigger it, and research shows that when people heard about a product 2-4 times, they are likely to consider given it a try, when you send voice message on Whatsapp, the message saved on the contacts music folder, so when they are playing their music later, they’ll still stumble on your voice message and who know? They might just give it a try this time.


So what should you send as a voice message?

Don’t tell stories, it will take too much space, most Nigerian youth browse with free MB data, so make it simple and taken less space, a few kilobyte is enough or at most 1MB.

Don’t rush it, clarity matters, say all the word clearly enough, jot it down before you record it (just to be clear) Make adjustment and send the best recording to all your contacts. You can even beg them to help you rebroadcast it.



Open your phone recorder, recorder few lines of marketing words, mention 500naira.com and mention your sponsor username, save it, Open your Whatsapp app, upload it to each of your contacts and wait why downlines start rolling in.


500naira earners is real, you can make money from today with www.500naira.com when registering use Emeka as your sponsor username. Get paid daily now. Hurry up and register.



John and Sade are Making N10, 500 EVERYDAY from www.500naira.com, I started yesterday and already made N5000 You too can make money. Register to www.500naira.com and use 500naira as your sponsor username. DO IT NOW



The MP3 recording of the two files above is inside your 500NAIRA SUCCESS DOWNLOAD PACKAGE. (It is just an example please create yours)


HURRY UP AND REGISTER, DO IT NOW are “Call to action words (CTA)” always use something like that when promoting.


Above text, is just an example, come up with HOT, Irresistible ads, mention figures like, Make N10,000 DAILY, make N5000 daily and so on! This are real figures, lot of 500naira earners members are making much more daily.



BBM: Use Voice Broadcast on BBM it also works excellently




  • Using 500naira Forms
  • Using 500naira Fliers
  • Organizing Seminars
  • Churches
  • Mosques
  • School
  • Hostel
  • Office/Coworkers


At the beginning of this DO IT YOURSELF 500naira Success system course. We mentioned offline marketing as part of a way to promote your 500naira earners link

On this chapter, you will get detailed explanation on each Offline Marketing works.


Using 500naira Forms

We added 500naira Forms to this Package, It is included inside the Folder and you can use this form to register people. The strategy is simple. Print out the form in A4 back and white paper. Hand it over to people you know. They will fill it in with their details and when returning it to you, they will give you their activation fee. It is now your job to register them online and send them their login details using either Bulk sms at www.buysms.top or send it to them with a normal text message. To make it much easier, give them 1 extra form and tell them to do 6 extra photocopies, so they can also use the form to bring 5 people. When promoting offline you need to provide quality support to your downlines so they can be active and earn you good commissions, while they too are making money this is WIN –WIN situation.



Using 500naira Fliers:

Inside the 500naira Success System folder, you’ll find 2 different flier designs. You can print it out fill in the space with sponsor and phone number with your details and hand it over to people, the more fliers you give out the more downlines you should expect, fliers is an old time marketing and still works today, so use it, print a black and white version and distribute it. You can get 1000 PIECES of fliers for less than N 2, 000; visit the printer close to you for rates.


Organizing Seminars

Organizing soft meetings and seminar and sensitize people on simple thing that can fetch them money is a great marketing step you can take if you are aiming to reach 500naira earners Level 9. Organize the seminar, add other free skill acquisition training to it, then discuss 500naira earners at the end of everything. From our personal experience this is working today and it will work tomorrow and every other day, just give it a try now.


Religious Organization:

We mean Churches, Mosques and other spiritual gatherings. Since 500naira earners is paying members, one should not be afraid of talking about it in a spiritual gathering, many spiritual leaders are doing very well on 500naira earners, you too can bring it to your church, mosques etc. and tell different department about it. Attend youth meetings, youth vigil, events, there are hundreds congregation that might just be interested in given it a try and once someone get payment in your congregation, you will see great speed in your level and earn rapid income.



65% of 500naira Earners members are Student from different level of education, and since there are thousands of targeted people in school, if you are a student, your school should be your #1 Area of focus. Talk to your classmate, post on notice board. Think and be creative in making things happen and you will start seeing lot of income in your 500naira earners business.



Hostel, school is a place to connect with people, 500naira earners is a network marketing business and networking is all about meeting people, your hostel is a great place to network with people and introduce them to your business. Get started and make things happen in your hostel.



Even if you are paid N1, 000,000 monthly as a salary, you will still be happy with another source of income. Network marketing is like a little drop of water that can become a mighty Ocean, Just exactly as N500 can earn you over N100,000,000 When it begin to multiply too great cash, growing rapidly every day. Your Coworkers too are simply looking for another source of income. It is time you introduce 500naira earners to them as another source of making daily income.




500naira Earners is a guarantee way to make constant income in Nigeria, The 500naira Earners Success System has shown basic steps to take. We’ve done our part by providing step by step instructions on what to do to make it big with 500naira Earners.


You need to take quick action now and make things happen.

What are you waiting for?

You can go through this course again for full understanding.



500naira Earners


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